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Angelica spiritualist medium & tarot reader. Offers confidential telephone private & group readings. Please see website for more details. Love & light to you all.
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Bernie Scott
Bernie Scott, clairvoyant medium and Reiki master. Bringing through upliftment from those in spirit telephone readings and one to one. Teaches at the Freespirit Awareness Centre in Bristol helping others with their psychic and mediumistic abilities.
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Brian Marland
Psychic readings with clairvoyant, spiritual church medium, psychic, mental medium and healer Brian Marland based in Hastings, UK.
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Lisa Frideborg Eddy
Do you feel stuck? Don't know how to connect with your life purpose or manifest true love? Lisa offers clear and compassionate guidance using holistic tarot and angel cards. Email today for a free initial consultation.
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Maria Murphy
Maria Murphy AGP is a fantasy artist and a certified angel reader. Maria will tell you what your angels want you to know right now. Free angel art with every reading.
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Simon Davies
I am a professional spirit medium, spiritual intuitive & spiritual counsellor. I work in an ethical, caring & compassionate manner in person, by phone, or live im online. My fees are reasonable & I work with the intention that I channel divine love, healing, messages & guidance for your higher good.
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Tracy is one of several caring mediums, providing psychic reading by phone text and email. Free monthly sunsign horoscopes, psychic blog and info on all things psychic.
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Animal totem - psychic and akastic reading service. We can also remove spells and dark psychic energy from the aura. We are able to empower and activate yoru chakras for faster developments.
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Aldo Raffa
Aldo Raffa is one of our most well-known psychics here at Psychic Today. He tells us that he has been working as a psychic for nearly 10 years, and he has many psychic methods to utilise.
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Alloya - a multi-dimensional journey through the universal self.
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A natural medium and spiritual counsellor to help guide you and help in life's pathways, telephone, email and retreat weekends offered and a caring confidential service for all those who believe and need guidance along their pathways.
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Andy Porter
Psychic surgeon working with "Chen" providing healing and hope. Also available for spirit clearing.
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Angel wishing moon live psychic readings from gifted, genuine psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and tarot readers. We offer insightful psychic readings for help and guidance on life's issues - including love and relationship readings.
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Angel At Pure Insight
Genuine insightful answers to your life questions from experienced and trusted psychic mediums. We can offer peace of mind on whatever it troubling you .
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Offers genuine, honest and confidential live psychic readings from experienced astrologers, clairvoyants, mediums and psychics whom are specially chosen for their talent and desire to help others.
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Ann Gill
Past/present/parallel lives and negative energies cleared. Permission sought from the highest source. Enabling you to be the best that you can be.
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Free psychic, tarot, angel card readings. I do not charge for my readings.
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Anne Collingwood
Usui reiki, crystal reiki, karuna reiki courses, angel days, shamanic drumming groups and shamanic courses include juan nunez del prado-peru, and bob nitsch-seneca nation and drummaking.
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Anne Vintner
Channeled portraits of ascended masters, angels, archangels, guides, and the unique opportunity to order one of your own guide.
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Barry And John
Barry and John are international mediums of many years standing.
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Beth Shepherd
Beth shepherd has been helping clients with email and phone readings for more than forty yeras, she offers accurate psychic readings.
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Buffalo Healing Woman
Shamanic teacher & spirit releasement therapist, soul retrival healing & spiritual messages fro the ancestors.
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I am a clairvoyant, a medium, clairsentient and a Reiki healer. I base some of my reading using angel cards and intuition. I am very easy to talk to and I have many returning clients.
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Channeling great Central Sun, mother Earth, archangel Michael, Lucifer, Sananda, Metatron and others.
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Dave Vye
Connect with the talented simply psychics’ phone readers from anywhere in the world. Choose from psychics, mediums and tarot readers. The key difference is all readers are highly skilled and not at different psychic levels.
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David William
David William has been named as the best Psychic medium & tarot card reader in Cheshire, North West England. He’s known throughout the U.K, Europe, USA and Canada for his very accurate psychic readings and clairvoyant & mediumship readings in person or via phone or Skype.
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Psychic readings,accurate proven tv psychic Deana offers phone and email readings, articles, psychic faq's, proof of live psychic TV testing and free runes.
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Diane Joy Rayfield
Spirit art - spirit portraits of departed relatives and friends. Auragraphs - psychic pictures of your aura.
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Edward McNaught-Davis
Professional spiritual medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognisant, healer, psychic, inspired artist, psychic artist, Reiki 1 attuned. Provides email readings and undertakes spiritual painting commissions for clients.
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High quality in-depth astrology and numerology reports written by a real astrologer. Each report reveals your life path and destiny, your compatibility with your partner and what's going to happen in the next twelve months. Try a free life path and destiny sample report today.
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Isaac George
Intuitive counselor, channel, astrologer, musician and author. Channel for archangel Ariel, and the council of Ain Soph. Sacred sexuality counseling and tantra.
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Jan Harris
I provide one-2-one clairvoyant, online & telephone readings. I also take church services & workshops on mediumship & healing. I connect with the sitter in a personal way which helps me deliver my messages with care, love & compassion.
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Jane Longstaff
Jane is a naturally gifted clairvoyant teacher, with over 27 years experience internationally. She has the unique ability to combine passionate authority, simple clarity and gentle understanding in all she does. Her work is always spontaneous, fully alive and original.
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Jean Clairvoyant
Jean Clairvoyant is a spiritual medium offering private + phone readings, counselling, reiki healing + tuition.
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Jean Foster
I am professional psychic medium, teacher & healer, I am a qualified teacher teaching all aspects of the psychic & spirituality, I also do various evenings of clairvoyance to medium and large audiences. I also do spirit release and energy clearing.
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Jean-Regis Pierre
I am a Christain channeler who reads the book of life while connected to the universal consciousness. The words, thoughts and deeds, I channelled, are published online daily. While connected, I channel whoever respond to my summon and the name is recorded at the top of the channeling text.
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Jill Harrison
Prophet, past daughter of Isis; channeling Metatron, Council of Elders, Azrael, Chamuel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Joseph of Aramathea. Angel readings to any country.
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Jock Mcarthur
I am a trance healing channel & physical and clairvoyant medium and teach same weekly at dunfermline ask.
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Joe Power
UK award winning television medium and best selling author Joe Power began his spiritual gift during infancy, his frightening childhood led to hundreds of spiritual visitors, violence and gangs, written about in his honest book "The Man Who Sees Dead People" published by Penguin Books.
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Katy Rogers
Katy is a talented psychic who offers readings for both people and horses.
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Offering spiritual readings either one to one in churches or at events, also healing and meditation. Available for church bookings and private readings now.
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Consult with a psychic any time by phone, or online web chat. You choose the way you want your reading from the comfort and convenience of your phone or mobile and find spiritual answers to your questions about love, career and health.
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Litz Butcher
Media psychic Litz’s communication with spirit is no-nonsense, yet sensitive and accurate. She offers sittings by phone, post and e-mail. Tarot readings, tuition, workshops and demonstrations of mediumship. For spirit release therapy in person or by distance please contact Litz directly.
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A friendly spiritual site, that offers free psychic, mediumistic, tarot, runes and oracle readings, plus classes.
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Mary Ashley
Mary Ashley, spiritual teacher, invites you to meet and personally interact with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, the Universal Mind and 'All that is'. 1-2-1 internet courses for spiritual development. Consultations, essays and channelled meditations.
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A naturally gifted clairvoyant medium serving from over 25 years. Also known as psychic medium among the clients from all over the world that includes United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada etc.
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Mike Ireland
I have been a working clairvoyant medium serving spiritulist churches & psychic centres in the UK and aboard for over 40 years .
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The 9 are a group consciousness of nine light beings who are channelled by OA. Their message to us is one of love, light and joy. They encourage us to realise our full potential and urge us to fulfil our role as conscious co-creators of our own reality.
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Patrick Gamble Psychic and Spiritual Artist
Patrick Gamble, psychic artist, was given his gift through a spiritual experience that changed his life. He is able to share this gift with us through his unique and inspiring work which acts as a catalyst to help us consciously connect to those aspects of life which are usually unseen and ignored.
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Paul The Seer
Paul The Seer and his team of gifted mediums and psychics offer first class live readings, for relationships & love, career and money and general life issues. Paul is also a medium and links with loved ones in spirit. You can pay for readings via your phone bill or on your credit card.
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Paul Wade
Astrologer Paul Wade offers free horoscopes, astrology resources, interactive tutorials, sign analyses, cool games, and personal link recommendations.
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Penny Alterskye
Angel card readings, crystal healing and Reiki. Additionally offering new age and holistic goods gemstones and tumblestones. All crystals will be cleansed and Reiki charged before dispatch.
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Robert Goodwin
Trance medium for White Feather. Clairvoyant, author and platform worker with over thirty years experience. Also offers help with publishing spiritual books.
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Rosemary Price
Affordable cheap medium giving accurate, helpful messages and guidance. Recommended by celebrities, experts and celebrities.
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Sarah Tyler-Walters
Trance sittings in person, by mail or telephone. Guidance from spirit on personal, health or spiritual matters. Spiritual healing and coaching. Workshops and courses in trance and channelling.
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Simon Goodfellow
I work with spirit with heart and understanding l am a very honest person with very high spiritual ethics and project this in my work.
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Sue Reeder
I am a psychic artist from the uk, I have just had my website go live. I do postal readings worldwide, please visit my site for more details, thanks Sue x.
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Sylvia Howarth
Witnessing the physical mediumship of the mysterious circle in light.
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Tommi Makela
New energy channeler Tommi Makela connects with the ascended master St. Germain and the client's higher self providing practical answers and clarity to various situations in life. The channels are in a written form.
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