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Catherine Macdonald
Accurate psychic readings, a available for parties, corporate events, workshops and for psychic training and spiritual healing instruction. In-person, online, telephone, email psychic readings for low cost.
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Christine Rossini
Christine is a genuine life path intuit, motivated to increase personal awareness through her unique insight on the pre-written life path. Individual, group or online services available.
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Judy Merrill
Psychic medium available for readings - individual, parties, corporate, online. Experience shows.
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Judy Merrill
Judy Merrill is an international, spiritualist medium available for private readings, parties, corporate events. She is also a teacher for classes in basic & advanced spiritualism, mediumship understanding, and spiritual healing.
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Lisa Caza
Most accurately detailed compassionate psychic readings on the net. Online chat, email and phone readings available. Take advantage of our monthly special offers, read our blog, visit the bookstore and more.
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Romalia & Devi
Over-soul being, Romalia, speaks through channel Devi to offer balanced spiritual wisdom and transformative oracular messages to those who earnestly seek it. Email consultations are available.
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Bart Smit
Through Dr. Williams and deep trance channeling with Bart Smit; enlightening alternative; medium for 20 years; inspirational answers to your important questions about spiritual/ personal development, business and health. Private session is availiable in person, or per telephone session.
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Betty And Cheryl
We are 2 gifted psychics working together for private/group readings. With our help you can speak directly with your spirit guide or a loved one from the other side (a unique experience using trance channeling). Also available for house clearings/blessings.
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Christine Nightingale
I channel the names of people's guardian angels. The angels are then asked very specific questions relating to life task, soul mate, and karmic issues. Tape included.
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Deborah Hannaford
Trance channel for We Are One - a group consciousness of spiritual & angelic beings, co- author with Bob Hannaford of Today's Divine Family, Living in Love, Not Fear, Pathways of Light teacher, holistic practitioner/teacher, lectures, speaker.
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Tarot/psychic readings by a certified reader. Charts, zodiac reports.
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Donna Kinniburgh
A deep trance channeling site featuring channeler Donna Kinniburgh and her spiritual source reflection! Free monthly news letter
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Donna Somerville
Spiritual medium since 1988. Donna offers soul readings and turning point therapy privately or long distance, workshops and correspondence courses. Her goal is to help you find your own "spiritual support within". She lives in New Brunswick, Canada.
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Gail Labossiere
Alternative counselling, healing, paranormal investigation, training, afterlife communication, exorcism, angel work, Reiki, E.F.T. training, spiritualist/visionary.
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Jonathon Slate
A site that offers tarot and psychic readings specializing in helping you get on the right path.
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Jove Arnott
I am currently offering free channeling and shamanic journey sessions via email. In a shamanic journey I contact your spirit guide and ask questions for you.
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Judith Redden
Offers positive and uplifting guidance from your guides and the angels. Ask questions about your life and receive their answers. Question/answer format, by email, or telephone (receive recorded session CD by mail). Also intuitive life coaching, guidance with a problem(s) on an ongoing basis.
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Karen Johnson
A professional intuitive, medium, spiritual teacher, trance channeler, regression therapist, esoteric and metaphysical healing. Opening your eyes to your own incredible potential.
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Trance channeler Krow and the Council of Elders, work out of the collective center, Here On Earth in Campbellford, Ontario. Interesting global gifts, workshops and seminars, group channeling sessions, readings, past life regressions, crystals, wands and more.
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Lydia Sirhawk
Provides online psychics for psychic readings, free horoscopes, and free tarot readings.
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Olga Bugiel
Offers a complete range of psychic, medium, channelling, intuitive, spiritual counselling, and educational services.
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Rene Gaudette
The wonders, a collective energy consciousness from the 29th dimension, are channeled by deep trance psychic/deep trance channeler Rene Gaudette.
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Serge Grandbois
Channeling the Essence called Kris for at least 36 years in the style of Jane Roberts/Seth, Serge has cultivated clients from all walks of life from all over the world.
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Sheila M. Street
Windsor, Ontario based deep trance psychic channeling The Herald, superconcious group source providing love, wisdom and practical spiritual advice. By appt. only. Phone or in-person sessions, d/l mp3 recording. Group sessions, lectures, seminars, personal coaching.
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Wendy Kay
For over 20 years, Wendy has provided psychic readings and spiritual guidance by connecting to one’s guides to share details about your soulmate, current/next love, career, spiritual development, past lives and more. Energy cleansing and protection and energy healings are also a passion of hers.
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