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Dyanne Yellowlight
Spirituality beyond's Dyanne Yellowlight is an internationally certified clairvoyant, an ordained holistic minister, and life coaching specialist. Let her unlock your future in love, finance, and life.
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Mystic Angel
My name is Angel. I am a mystic, ordained minister, empath, psychic medium, angel intuitive and messenger, spiritual teacher and healer, radio show host for Mystic Realm on Blog Talk Radio and psychic detective for the group Find Me.
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Ronni Ann Hall
Intuitive empath and psychic teacher offers mediumship readings and online classes, as well as, readings for other sensitive empaths. Specializing in animals that have crossed over.
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Do you need answers? Get accurate psychic tarot readings, hand drawn via email, live chat, or message board with membership. Many spreads offered and numerology reports are also available!
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Ann Warner
Wonderful angel readings. Have questions? Ask the angels. Readings by Ann Warner and the archangels. Meet your guardian angel and more. Also wonderful angelic, healing music by Ann, world composer of angelic music.
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Astarte aka Joy Jenkins
I am a master channel who works with spirit at all levels of growth to help you resolve your difficulties in creating a better life. All questions answered. Author of the newly published book, "The Path Of The Heart"(1-58820-040-X), the first in a trilogy of channeled books, teaching spiritual growth and a new way to love in the coming times.
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Ce Ann
For a sourceful, honoring approach to queries of the human condition: visionary guidance is an all-encompassing consultation technique; a seeming blend of philosophies, psychologies, and spiritual practices of human reality merged with non-physical awareness using an altered state or trance.
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Dr. Dan
Free report: Akashic records #1 secret tells all…discover wisdom through your soul profile reading.
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Janisel Kumara Rohs
Command Readings? accesses the akashic soul records, telling you 'who' you are on 4 levels of your being, origins, soul name, past lives and current mission. Also, 3d and etheric implant removal, in person or distance.
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Joan L. Scibienski
Guidance and info on all matters metaphysical including astrology, channeling, abductions, numerology, akashic records, death, etc.
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Kavitaa offers intuitive readings & counseling and reiki energy balancing & healing in Sedona or by phone. Kavitaa’s sessions are fun, gentle, loving, and can go very deep. Also vortex tours & long-distance reiki for you & your loved ones. In English or Japanese.
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Leslee J. Klinsky
Provides akashic records consultations and vibrational energy, light, and crystal healing services and tools for health and empowerment.
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Louis Martin
Pleiadian channeling website. 13 pages of info, readings and counseling.
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Mary Jo Hoffman
Channeler in Phoenix, AZ. MaryJo Hoffman has been channeling Simon the Peter for a number of years. His messages are bringing clarity and peace to many.
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Orpheus Phylos
I am a messenger for the Archangel Michael
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Rev. Staci Wells
The premiere Soul Plan psychic. Prominently featured in book "Your Soul's Plan" (also published as "courageous souls") by Robert Schwartz. General readings, pre-birth planning readings, medical intuitive and more.
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Rick Wood
Psychic medium Rick Wood is now available in the Phoenix area.
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Summer Bacon
Internationally acclaimed metaphychristian teacher, lecturer, and author Summer Bacon has been the trance medium for the incredible spirit Dr. James Martin Peebles since 1994.
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