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Marti Baker & Michael Parry
the next best thing to a photo and phone call from the other side! psychic husband and wife, michael and marti, together give you portraits and messages from passed loved ones. Proof of life after death!.
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Michelle Tedrow
Dedicated to exploring and sharing spiritual gifts. We seek to provide grief and healing support through mediumship, psychic development, reiki, sound therapy and other healing services.
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Rev. Cassandra Anaya, Ph.d.
psychic angel readings by psychic clairvoyant rev. cassandra, who channels three angels, uriel, metatron, & yannie. discounts & gift certificates available. free: astrology charts, biorhythms, & tarot readings.i send you love.
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Anita Burns
Anita is a complete trance channel. For 20+ years, johar, from a causal plane, has come through Anita to bring advice on life and spirituality and help clear confusion about destiny, past lives, soul age, and more. Private and group sessions, in person or on the telephone.
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April Brown
Psychic clairvoyant medium, dream inerpretation, automatic writing, spirit guide/angel drawings and introductions, tarot, pendulum, light worker, crystals and crystal healing, past life, numerology, astrology, telepathy and clairaudio.
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April Crawford
April Crawford is a true open deep trance channel offering direct conversations with highly evolved entities. April is also the author of "parting nottes: a connection with the afterlife" and was chosen out of 600 channels & mediums for the TV pilot of Mind Codes.
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Austyn Wells
Austyn is a spiritual medium. She lectures, teaches, and demonstrates across the country, as well as in California.
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Artist that draws spirits around you.
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Carrie Hart
Quado messages for gentle and loving self-transformation, posted daily.
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Catherine Adams
Discover Your Light with channeled articles that change every month. Get a reading/healing with accurate, empathic, gifted and experienced professional. She specializes in clairvoyant healing and reading for everyone, but especially for Star Children and their special needs. Conscious channeling of spirit guides and those on the other side, as well.
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Cheryl Booth
Cheryl Booth was mentored by British medium Brian Hurst (who also mentored J. Van Praagh). Located in northern California, near Folsom/Sacramento, Cheryl does phone & in-person readings as well as hypnotherapy (past life a specialty). Provides CD of session. Find comfort, insight & empowerment!
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Cindy Shelton
I offer medium/psychic readings as that is a passion of mine. I love to connect the otherside to their loved ones on this side.
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Connie Russert, M.s.
Professional trance channel since 1983. Channels a group of 7 master spirit guides to bring you clear insight into life's challenges. Uncover who you are at the soul level. Discover your life purpose. Move forward on your life path. Allow it to be easy.
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Darryl Anka
International channel for the extraterrestrial being called Bashar. This website contains extensive information on the transformation of consciousness and advanced tools and techniques for consciously creating the reality you desire. Information on future ET contact, future earth changes, and advanced technology. Audio and video tape catalog. Live audio on the web.
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David Raphael Isaacson
Offering a free spiritual consultation/energy diagnostic reading, given as an introduction to the healing work of David Raphael Isaacson. Readings are focused on what healing work you are needing. Please visit his web site for further information.
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Dr. Bruce Goldberg
Time Travel Through Hypnosis - Dr. Bruce Goldberg uses hypnotherapy to guide people into past lives, future lives and out-of-the body. Teleportation and time travel is also available through self-hypnosis tapes.
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Ellany Kincross
Psychic and channel. I've been doing readings for over 10 years. My approach is different in that I believe our futures are not set. We all have choices. We make those choices each and every day.
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Farley Malorrus
Master astrologer, psychic, channeler, spiritualist, healer, medicine man, exorcist, teacher of karma, reincarnation, evolution of the soul, origin of the species.
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Jelaila Starr
Jelaila channels Devin and the other members of the 9D Nibiruan Council. The 9D Nibiruan Council shares higher knowledge on DNA Recoding, ascension, emotional clearing, starseeds, walk-ins and universal history.
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Jo Taylor
In 90-minute online sessions, I use a combination of energy reading, mediumship, and akashic records reading to facilitate the discovery of answers, insight, understanding, and even sometimes knowledge and wisdom.
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Jocelyn Hunter
Angel intuitive readings, learn about past lives, spirit guides, career and love. Prices available to fit any budget. Readings are private and confidential.
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Karen Mcchrystal
Channeled messages from God, to help individuals find their own connection to the God within. Advanced information and perspectives not readily available via normal channels of information, including environment, relationships, evolution, health. Channeled answers to your own questions-any topic.
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Kevin Ryerson
Kevin Ryerson is a trance channel in the tradition of Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts. He has been conducting appointments,seminars, transformational travel, retreats and intensives for 28 years. Appointments are available by phone and in person in the U.S. and Internationally.
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Lady Skye Fyre
New channeling every day from guides and folk in spirit. A refreshing and sometimes humorous look at valid advice for everybody. Channeled readings available as time permits.
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Lia Shapiro
Interdimensional contactee, Lia Shapiro, channels new Pleiaduan messages. A 40 page website devoted entirely to metaphysical and spiritually based wisdom from the Pleiadian realm. "Comes the awakening... Realizing the divine nature of who you are," is a new Pleiadian book by Lia Shapiro. Chat, message board, guestbook.
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Linda Dillon
Following the guidance of St. Germaine, the Council of Love focuses on the entry, initiation and activation into the 13th octave and, inititiation and training in the fundamentals or advanced methods of LaHoChi (depending on the class level). Personal and group sesssions are channeled.
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Lysa Mateu
Author of Conversations with the Spirit World: Souls who have ended their lives speak from above. A popular spirit medium who is best known for the clarity and detail which comes through when she channels the spirits of your loved ones who have crossed over.
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M Hunt
Mother Mary - the divine femine. Channelling information for a very short time in Southern California.
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Madame Anna Burkett
Online since 1998, Madame Anna performs free psychic tarot readings, Haitian voodou ritual spells for love, money and luck. Voodoo dolls and talismans also available.
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Maria Haswell
As a spiritual medium, I want to be able to help you get messages from your loved ones on the other side. I feel that it's important for everyone to know that their loved ones are still "alive" they are still with you, and they live on.
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Marina Michaels
Your time is precious and so is your soul. Marina, who channels God, Jesus, Metatron, and other beings of love, writes fun, free, interesting articles on psychic concerns and practical spirituality.
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Michele Andrea Smith
I am a direct voice trance channeler of the ascended masters and archangels, particularly Gabriel. I have also been given the gift of hands-on healing, which I want to share with the world. L.a. Area.
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Misty Day, C.a.p.
Trained clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, tarot reader, certified astrologer with over 31 years experience as a professional. Certified by international society for astrological research.
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Psychic readings for the seeking soul. Over 100 topics - love, career, direction, purpose, angels, spiritual guides, dream interpretation, and more. Experienced professional psychics. Find out what lies within you. Free psychic reading offers, too.
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Rev. Laura Hansen
Best-selling author. Books, DVDs, programs, meditations, events. Free subscription to daily insights. The goal of this web site is to inspire people to expand their spiritual awareness as a way toward their own wellness.
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Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones
An online metaphysical ministry, offering life purpose readings and power animal readings by Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones, spiritual food for thought, and a growing section on Goddess spirituality.
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Savina Thompson, Psychic Medium
Savina Thompson is a professional psychic medium, medical intuitive & animal communicator who's been a guest on L.A. radio station KBIG 104.3's nightly show, "radio medium," e. entertainment TV's morning show & has appeared on radio & in print throughout the world.
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Scott Mandelker
Dr. Scott Mandelker integrates cosmic meaning of UFOs, ET souls, Earth Harvest with spiritual principles of healing, initiation, self-transformation.
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Tamaara is an unconditionally loving non-physical consciousness who offers one-on-one sessions as well as group classes to assist us on our spiritual path.
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Tesa Johnston uses her gifts as a psychic medium to allow spirit to work through her. Tesa specializes in emotional healing and finding your soul's true purpose so you can further develop who you are spiritually to live in the light.
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