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Eva Eriksson
Free reading of your past. It's impossible to know in advance if the psychic you turn to is the real thing, especially if she or he doesn't provide you with a free past reading in detail before you even decide if it feels right for you to book me for a full session of your future.
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Jock Brocas
An astoundingly accurate psychic medium and director of the ASSMPI.
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Mary Louise Schiavone
Mary Louise Schiavone is the creator and author of the isis channeling & feng shui deluxe kit™, including its unique board and guide book. She has studied extensively all aspects of metaphysics, spirituality, energy, healing, martial arts and yoga.
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Rev. Terri Mcneely
Clairsentient, clairaudient medium who also does flame messages, psychometry and spirit art. Traditional Usui Reiki master.
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An Enchanted Spirit
Greetings and welcome to An Enchanted Spirit. I am here and ready to assist you on your path to creating a happier and more fulfilled life. I look forward to speaking with you.
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Reliable, caring & trustworthy psychic email psychic. Get the answers to your questions fast, through email. I have been psychic for forty years. I can answer any questions you may have. I will give you personal attention, because I care.
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Michelle Beaudry
Come up to higher mind in hypnosis and channel to your heart's content. I'm just the tour guide to take you up there so you can do the channeling yourself, to get the exact answers you seek.
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Rev Dr. Vito Lanave
Rev Vito LaNave has been an active medium for over 50 years. Vito is also a healer, spiritual counselor and certified spiritual mind treatment provider .
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Rev. Karen Lee Samson
Medium/ channel, spiritual counselor, psychic/ spiritual readings & healings, mediumship classes available by distance or home sites. Also channel your spirit guide art.
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Sarah Spiritual
Sarah Spiritual is a medium, empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, certified Reiki practitioner, and herbalist. She has been guided to assist individuals with their quest for spiritual enlightenment, empowerment and tranquility. Sarah has brought hope through faith to people of all walks of life.
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Psychic and spiritual advice through tarot, crystal pendulum, numerology, Reiki distance healings & angelic guidance. Accurate answers to love, career, family, money and life purpose issues.
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