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Joy Star
Psychic medium, joy star: lightworker, channeling spirit messages, psychic classes, phone readings include mp3 recording download .
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Barbara-Lynn Freed
Transformational astrology offers deep readings of birth charts and planetary returns that focus on your evolutionary goals, karmic challenges, and your life’s true purpose, while helping you to gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics. Thirty years experience.
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Brent Atwater
A medical intuitivive, Brent's global healing work has been studied & documented by the Integrated Medical Center of Duke, NCSU vet school, & Edgar Cayce Institute. The energy repairs & regenerates cells, & nerves. Cancer, ms, parkinson's, spinal cord/nerve damage, seizures, & arthritis.
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Charley Castex
Psychic Tarot Consultant - Voted "Best Psychic" in WNC by M-Xpress readers poll 1999, Charley's psychic gift and channelled guidance goes to the "heart of the matter", Providing clarity upon events,patterns and life lessons, revealing each individuals fullest potential. In a down to earth and compassionate manner, Charley offers life direction and timely guidance empowering those seeking greater understanding of themselves and their path.
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Kim channels messages filled with love, light and inspiration from one of her spirit guides, Finola. Allow Finola's beautiful messages to touch your heart and soothe your spirit.
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Kim Loftis
Compassionate services to refresh your body, bring serenity to your mind and soothe and comfort your spirit. Discover the profound joy of talking with your angels, receive an intuitive angel reading, angelic channeling session, diamond of prosperity attunement, and so much more.
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Psychic readings, mediumship readings, healings, reiki, and self help.
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Todd Lacey
Channel of the angelic realm and spirit. Opening channels to your spirit guides and higher self. Since the age of eight spirit has called me to be a vessel to help others better themselves and to see life's potential for them.
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White Eagle
If you are curious about medicine people, past lives, spirits, creation, Atlantis, UFOs, the future, or how God came to be / desire to become a Shaman, are already on the path of spirituality, like mysteries, seek personal growth & empowerment, these books and services are truly for everyone.
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