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Hopefrombeyond is a self-help psychic development web site has many articles on various psychic subjects and gifts of the spirit.
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Lisa Long
Lisa is an intuitive clairvoyant psychic and medium. A caring healer that will help you align more closely with your angels and with your creator. Ask your questions... relationships, careers, past life, angels, dreams, emotional healing, pets, etc. I can help.
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Areanne Lloyd
Areanne channels The Guides, a group energy who help individuals and groups see their true nature. They know our history and our dreams and give practices geared to your specific issues to assist in overcoming obstacles and learning to live from our highest, most authentic self.
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Astoria is a natural born psychic. She is a certified minister with the universal life church. 3rd generation psychic with 35 years of professional experience providing readings and counsel. The real thing..
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Dilani Diva
Personal psychic channels with her angel for clear insight and answers. Life path readings, predictions, options and better life choices. Love and relation ship readings.
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LaUna Huffines
Our work at Path of Light is based on a practical and contemporary approach to merge spiritual goals with the challenges of modern living. We believe that everyone, guided by the soul, can contribute to the enlightenment of planetary consciousness, regardless of their religious beliefs or background.
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You are a multi-dimensional being of light and love with your own unique energy signature. Light body activation creates an opening for your soul to step forward into its' own light and notice who it is that it came here to be..
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Noelani Rodriguez http://NoelaniRodriguez.Com
Featured on women's radio. Try a phone reading and get 20 bonus minutes.
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Robert Theiss
Robert is a concious channel for the family of Michael. He offers workshops and on line classes on "sacred relationships" that are designed to help reconnect our mind, body and emotions with the stream of life force energy that supports all of life.
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Rowynn Gilraine
Rowynn is a conscious channel for the council of light. The council of light uses Rowynn’s comprehensive therapy toolbox to take you on interactive soul healing journeys that answer your questions, transform your reality, and heal soul wounds. Sessions by phone, Skype. Transpersonal counselor.
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Sallie Keys
The akashic records details your past life and this life lesson. Psynergy wellness can remove negative energy and teach you how to manifest a happy life through the akashic records.
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William F. Schive
The voicings of the Star Arts are shared in various settings, each unique unto themsElves in terms of the energies of the voicings of the secrets of truth revealed from within the letters of the words themsElves. Our words are more powerful than we have been led to believe. The Voicings of the Star Arts will have you agape at a capability of the Word to do something you never dared dream. From the channelers link, we invite you to visit our 150+ pages web site.
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