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Erin Heaven
Offers clairvoyant readings, energetic healings, chakra clearings, communications with the other side. 140 testimonials. Money back guarantee. Paranormal discussion forum with renown author Janina Renee'.
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Barbara Taylor
Barbara Taylor has mainstreamed the Michael Teachings for business use. She specializes in practical spirituality through her website, which includes monthly and specialized articles on business, personality, spirituality in the workplace and inspirational subjects.
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Affordable tarot readings in-person or online. You are in control of your own destiny.
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Jeanie Anthony
Channeled readings from the spirits of nature, star healers, and ascended ones. Healings often accompany divine messages.
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Jennifer Sanfilippo
I offer shamanic healing, medium, spiritual counseling, soul retrieval, pastlife regression, aura cleansing & repair, chakra clearing & balancing, totem animal retrieval & medicine, psychopomp, reiki healing, spiritual healing & counseling.
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I'm a conscious channel for Mother Mary and offer channeled meeting with your spirit is my hope to provide a human/spirit connection in your life through channeling, teaching, and healing.
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